I recently gave at talk at StartPad.org chronicling some of our successes and lessons learned — dare I call them mistakes:) — from my time as co-founder and CTO at Faves.com.

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The lessons I shared were:

  • Find and/or develop a product lifecycle checklist to keep you grounded and to know where you need help.
  • Understand your business drivers.
  • Understand (and choose wisely) your target market.
  • Refine your positioning until it is a) crisp and b) reinforces what you are best at.
  • Segment your user base, and potentially address each segment uniquely.
  • With respect to technology, design things in a way that minimizes your “maintenance tax”.

John Cook of TechFlash (as well as some of the commenters) summarized the talk very nicely.

Note: Faves.com is up and running, and it is the company’s plan to keep it that way for the forseeable future.