I have included widgets from two “microblogging” services, Faves.com and Twitter, in the sidebar of this blog. Not surprisingly, I use these microblogging services to broadcast “stream of consciousness” thoughts whereas I plan to use this blog for hopefully more thought provoking and “on-topic” posts.

But, why two microblogging services?

  • I use Twitter to broadcast what I am doing and to watch what others are doing. It simply helps me be “in the know”. The no-frills format of a Tweet on Twitter, specifically the 140-character limit and SMS compatibility, is ideal.
  • I use Faves.com to share items such as news articles, videos, and recipes that will be beneficial (educational or entertaining) to others and myself. The automatically generated tags and thumbnail in a Fave, combined with the rich permission system, make Faves.com ideal for this scenario.